Controlling Your Critical Inner Voice

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Tuesday 28th April 2020 7pm, UK Time

Our inner voice can be our friend and yet it can often feel like it is working against us.

Are you sometimes overly critical of yourself?

Do you often tell yourself really unhelpful stories?

Do you find you lack confidence in certain situations, get frustrated with your procrastination habits, find your resilience lacking or your mood impacted by your thoughts?

In today's challenging and unprecedented times, you may find that your critical inner voice is making it even more difficult to maintain your motivation and your mental well-being?

Take the opportunity to participate in this 2 hour interactive and content filled training and control your critical inner voice!

Join award winning NLP trainers Jo Wilson and Andy Coley for this interactive, thought provoking and powerful free online training where you will:


Get insight into how the unhelpful aspects of your inner voice were formed


Understand how you unconsciously feed your negative inner voice


Recognise the link between your unhelpful thought patterns and your emotional resilience


Learn powerful strategies to retrain those unhelpful thought patterns

In addition, we will take you through how you can simply reframe your own internal language and have a positive impact on how you feel, your confidence and self-esteem.

“The session was seamlessly streamed with small break out rooms each with our own coach in them, and we also had lots of interaction with Jo and Andy in the larger group sessions, I was amazed how my experience actually went deeper than in a normal live workshop, with all the extra distractions of travel and going out for lunch breaks. The workshop was very well prepared, and I found all of the content really useful and immediately accessible. Thanks so much Jo and Andy! xxx” – Hari Ma , March 2020

Stop your critical inner voice holding you back and impacting your emotional and mental wellbeing

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